The onset of the pandemic had hit the market hard and created tremendous uncertainty about trades, investments, employment stock volatility, and such. With almost every national and global market took the brunt of it, a common question amongst netizens has been, ‘Which sector makes for a safe investment?’ ‘Where is everyone holding their savings without having to invest anywhere?

For understanding the answers to these questions, you need to have a clear insight into both safeguarding your assets and also multiplying them.

You will find different investment options offering different prospects for long-term gains, but considering the present uncertainties, are you willing to take up some risk?

In the past few years, the stock market has been a very sustainable source of investment – given, an individual was willing to navigate through the risk factors with careful analysis. However, in the current scenario, it’s way trickier to understand the working of a volatile market.

You may end up with a massive sum of money one day, the other day, you may lose it all – Such is the volatility and unpredictable nature of the global stock market. So, investing in stocks seems like an unnecessary risk for the general populace, especially those investing their hard-earned money.

You may ask, then, are there any safer, more reliable, risk-free investment option that is available today? Well, Yes! Indeed, there is! It’s investing in real-estate!

  • The real-estate industry has been on the climb due to the restructured and reformed regulations and implementation of RERA legislations.
  • The cost-points have remained to be almost the same since 2016. Thus, there never has been a better time than now to invest in Real Estate as the value projections only show growth.

Similarly, if you ask, if in the new normal, whether opting for a safe fixed deposit investment over makes for a better decision than buying a house? Then, here are some hard facts and statistics about the real estate market for you.

  • Avail reduced home loan interest rates, enabling home loans lasting for about 15 to 20 years, with interests as low as 7%.
  • Exciting NBFC and builder offers on homes makes the home buying process even more profitable for the consumers
  • Residential or commercial real estate can act as rental investments and generate income for you.
  • With Fixed Deposits (FDs), you need to wait for a more extended period to enjoy considerable returns.
  • Banks may lower the rates on returns and interest on FDs at any time, especially considering the need of the present unprecedented times.

If you ask us about which investment makes more sense, we will say that it is a tricky affair. It entirely depends on your investment purpose, extent, and risk appetite. Many considerations are involved in making investments – whether the stock market or fixed deposits or real-estate.

Talking about the present scenario, most countries worldwide have been tackling the recession. In such situations, banking and financial institutions have a tendency to reduce their fixed deposit rates to neutralize the situation, and it may not be the best option for the time being.

No matter the scenario, Real-estate investments make for a silent winner. Property prices have seen an uprise, even amidst the recession. A practically smart investor can get a fantastic property deal that will reap benefits in terms of improved property prices in the future, or also make for rental income.

Find The Right Real-Estate Partner

We understand that investments can seem to be scary, especially if it is about your dream home or if you are investing your hard-earned savings. So, we make sure you only the best of everything when you live at one of our realty projects. We don’t believe in doing business; we aim to foster relations. We offer affordable prices and easy financing options to make sure you have a seamless experience.

Moreover, given the Government’s interest in helping the real-estate sectors rise during this predicament, improved and progressive changes are bound to occur in terms of social and infrastructural development.

RBI’s judgment of linking home loan rates to repo rates will facilitate home loan users to benefit from a lowered interest rate when the RBI lowers the repo rate. Other than that, the latest rental laws will make the complete renting procedure reliable and secure for every investor.

At Jones Foundations, we offer you not just homes, but the promise of a lifestyle that is above the crowd. Our elegant homes, in various realty projects, such as Jones Blazia, Jones Cassia II, and Jones Cassia III, reflect the sophisticated taste and rich feel of aesthetics for the ambitious, new-age, and ever-achieving minds.

All our projects, like any other developed by Jones Foundations, brings an exceptionally unique luxury lifestyle experience through planning and constructing vibrant communities and enabling world-class townships. For queries related to our realty projects, contact us!

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