Mrs. Dora Sundararaj

Your love for luxury, it never leaves you back!

We are here to work the drivability of your flavor of living with the luxury apartments & villas. So worry not about the worth of you getting into a luxury style of living anymore. The community you encounter that we are building will have a definite point of view over the concept of salvation for your children that we do compel always. The way you expect luxury to be, encourage us to work for you to experience the exact feed.

We have an excellent team where your people get a straight back whenever they visit you. I, Mrs. Dora Sundararajan, have been one of the Directors since they have laid the foundation and I take pleasure to have been in the industry with them for long to understand it better to serve you with what is needed exactly. “Expertise is the one that you can always have to understand needs”- Luxury is all about understanding fascination. Jones Foundation has understood the fascination of a lot of people and has given the best choice of luxury. I can proudly say that we ensured the safety of each and every family who believed in us to get them more than what they deserved. We construct homes with always extra care so all the positive energies will provide you with all possible positivity.

Mr. Sam Jones

Luxury is all about the team behind!

The team you are going to meet is going to lead you to the best luxury property. You will feel to have the right choice of luxury where we give the depth or the essence of your love towards your dream of luxury. We make you take the right decision with our team’s right and straight forward approach. The lifetime decision must be handled with a lot of care and we ensure you the same with our team’s highlighted number of experiences.

I, Mr. SAM, have taken the responsibility to meet your complete demands on luxury homes. I equally have experience in the industry to drive you to the best luxury homes ever. I always encourage my team to be easily approachable for any of you and have a customer-centric strategy to gain you, more confidence. My team has been perfect brace at all times in Jones Foundation Pvt. Ltd. which has great teamwork to assist you, innovation to meet all your soulful demands and needs and highly professional to bring in ideas to give life to your style of living. I lead the team where the team makes all the decisions to contribute constructively to the industry so you will get to have a satisfying style of living in Chennai. This type of energy drives us every day and pump in a lot of innovative ideas to make you happy. So the organization will always be a brace throughout.