Here’s How Investing In Real Estate Seems Better Than Investing In Fixed Deposits

The onset of the pandemic had hit the market hard and created tremendous uncertainty about trades, investments, employment stock volatility, and such. With almost every national and global market took the brunt of it, a common question amongst netizens has been, ‘Which sector makes for a safe investment?’ ‘Where is everyone holding their savings without having to invest anywhere?

For understanding the answers to these questions, you need to have a clear insight into both safeguarding your assets and also multiplying them.

You will find different investment options offering different prospects for long-term gains, but considering the present uncertainties, are you willing to take up some risk?

In the past few years, the stock market has been a very sustainable source of investment – given, an individual was willing to navigate through the risk factors with careful analysis. However, in the current scenario, it’s way trickier to understand the working of a volatile market.

You may end up with a massive sum of money one day, the other day, you may lose it all – Such is the volatility and unpredictable nature of the global stock market. So, investing in stocks seems like an unnecessary risk for the general populace, especially those investing their hard-earned money.

You may ask, then, are there any safer, more reliable, risk-free investment option that is available today? Well, Yes! Indeed, there is! It’s investing in real-estate!

  • The real-estate industry has been on the climb due to the restructured and reformed regulations and implementation of RERA legislations.
  • The cost-points have remained to be almost the same since 2016. Thus, there never has been a better time than now to invest in Real Estate as the value projections only show growth.

Similarly, if you ask, if in the new normal, whether opting for a safe fixed deposit investment over makes for a better decision than buying a house? Then, here are some hard facts and statistics about the real estate market for you.

  • Avail reduced home loan interest rates, enabling home loans lasting for about 15 to 20 years, with interests as low as 7%.
  • Exciting NBFC and builder offers on homes makes the home buying process even more profitable for the consumers
  • Residential or commercial real estate can act as rental investments and generate income for you.
  • With Fixed Deposits (FDs), you need to wait for a more extended period to enjoy considerable returns.
  • Banks may lower the rates on returns and interest on FDs at any time, especially considering the need of the present unprecedented times.

If you ask us about which investment makes more sense, we will say that it is a tricky affair. It entirely depends on your investment purpose, extent, and risk appetite. Many considerations are involved in making investments – whether the stock market or fixed deposits or real-estate.

Talking about the present scenario, most countries worldwide have been tackling the recession. In such situations, banking and financial institutions have a tendency to reduce their fixed deposit rates to neutralize the situation, and it may not be the best option for the time being.

No matter the scenario, Real-estate investments make for a silent winner. Property prices have seen an uprise, even amidst the recession. A practically smart investor can get a fantastic property deal that will reap benefits in terms of improved property prices in the future, or also make for rental income.

Find The Right Real-Estate Partner

We understand that investments can seem to be scary, especially if it is about your dream home or if you are investing your hard-earned savings. So, we make sure you only the best of everything when you live at one of our realty projects. We don’t believe in doing business; we aim to foster relations. We offer affordable prices and easy financing options to make sure you have a seamless experience.

Moreover, given the Government’s interest in helping the real-estate sectors rise during this predicament, improved and progressive changes are bound to occur in terms of social and infrastructural development.

RBI’s judgment of linking home loan rates to repo rates will facilitate home loan users to benefit from a lowered interest rate when the RBI lowers the repo rate. Other than that, the latest rental laws will make the complete renting procedure reliable and secure for every investor.

At Jones Foundations, we offer you not just homes, but the promise of a lifestyle that is above the crowd. Our elegant homes, in various realty projects, such as Jones Blazia, Jones Cassia II, and Jones Cassia III, reflect the sophisticated taste and rich feel of aesthetics for the ambitious, new-age, and ever-achieving minds.

All our projects, like any other developed by Jones Foundations, brings an exceptionally unique luxury lifestyle experience through planning and constructing vibrant communities and enabling world-class townships. For queries related to our realty projects, contact us!

Atma-Nirbharta In The Real Estate Market: Buying Vs. Renting A House

While India’s economy drives the roadmap of an ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat,’ it appears that consumer behaviour follows the suite and all within reason. On the one hand, we are compelled to pursue stability in these unsure times. While on the other hand, the same conditions have triggered a shift in economic and financial paradigms, which makes buying a home much more appealing than renting one.

The age-old proverb of ‘Roti, Kapda, Aur Makaan’ has never gotten more significance than during the recent lockdowns. According to JLL India’s survey, over 91% of individuals above 35 years of age, who were questioned, preferred buying an apartment than renting out one in the coming six months. In addition, nearly 67% of the same individuals said that buying a home is a necessity.

Not to say that statistics are the exclusive force behind the transitional shift from home renting to a buying mindset, the argument returns with several facts:

1. Financing Justification Of Renting Vs. Buying A Home

An ever-increasing population is on the quest for finding the home of their dreams due to being fed up with paying outrageously high rents in metropolitan cities. In many cases, the landlords have increased rent at their own will. Such behavioural and social issues propel individuals to explore options of buying a home.

For example: The Cost of living in Chennai for ten years will approximately be ₹ 60 lakhs (₹ 50,000 per month + standard rental escalation for this period), which is approximately 52% of the cost of owning a property in the newly developed areas of Chennai.

2. Low-Interest Rates

The home loan interest rates that are being linked with the repo rate is at an all-time low in the last 20-years. Presently, the lowest interest rate is roughly 6.85%. In contrast, last year, the lowest interest rate was between 8.55% to 8.75%, which makes the new rates one of the best in the last two decades.

Exclusive offers, Low or no GST charged, minimal booking amounts, and exciting referral schemes are just a few of the various perks that are on the table for interested homebuyers right now. Similarly, ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ flats are one of the fastest-selling property types as there is no GST charged while reassuring potential home buyers of being able to move into the home and start living there as soon as they want.

3. Assets Vs. Liabilities

Ownership also provides you an asset that can be utilized during uncertain times. On the contrary, paying monthly rentals are quickly tun to be a liability. Besides, paying EMIs for a house loan also offers dual benefits. Not only does your share of EMI provides you with shelter, but it also increases your proportionate ownership of the house.

Additionally, a home loan also enables you to avail of attractive tax benefits, which renting a house does not offer. Housing preserves its inherent value in doubtful times and ultimately goes through value appreciation as time improves.

Find The Best Realty Firm In Chennai

If you are looking for apartments or villas in Chennai that offers you a luxury living, you must do your research correctly. And, if you’re looking for homes within exceptional communities, then your answer lies with Jones Foundations. A haven of tranquillity amidst the chaotic city life, our integrated realty projects offer one of the craftiest, safest, and value-for-money investments.

Explore the world of Jones Foundations and find a surfeit of options with personalized offers that would make your home buying experience a memorable one. Contact us. Buying your home may never look this alluring anywhere else, ever again!

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Unveiling Project Blazia: Here’s 10 Amenities To Look Out For

If you have been on the lookout for a home in a location that exemplifies perfection, then Jones Blazia Realty Project by Jones Foundation is the right address for you.

Based on the design concept of modernluxury living, the project boasts of wide-open recreational areas and lush green landscapes surrounding it. Jones’ Blazia is designed with 250 elegantly developed premium flats across 4 different blocks.

Jones Blazia: Delivering Happiness Uniquely

Apart from thoroughly Vastu compliant, Jones Blaziaoffers 24/7 security and offers ultra-modern iconic feelsthat’s equipped for the members of the Blazia community.

A place that’s conceptualized and turned into reality to offer you an enjoyable experience for a lifetime. Some of Jones’ Blazia offerings of modern amenities are:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Boom Barrier
  • Fully Equipped AC GYM
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Intercom Facility
  • 24 hrs power backup
  • Party Hall
  • Library

Jones Blazia is a confluence of urban perceptions and a passion for crafting the monumental. Majestic pathways, urbane settings, grand entrances and a rare tranquillity amidst the city life – everything at Blazia has been finely imagined to create an ambience that surpasses the everyday humdrum into the realm of luxury living.

Jones Blazia: Features To Look Out For

Investing in an apartment by Jones Foundation, the leading luxury developer in Chennai, offers you a seamless blend of the indispensable ingredients that goes into the making of a dream home— excellence in construction, leading world-class amenities and a status that has won the trust of homebuyers.

Here are a few of the unique features of Jones Blazia, unique-urbane living experience in Chennai City:

  • Vibrant Enclave Community

With carefully-chosen amenities, luxurious design aesthetics, gorgeously carved out landscapes and connectivity to the city, Jones Blazia presents you with a global lifestyle. A place where you can socialize with a progressive community and soak in the finest of residential luxury.

  • Ultimate location

Very close to Velachery, nearby IT Corridor and GST Road, Jones Blazia is located at the 200 ft. Thoraipakkam – Pallavaram Main Road and offers superior connectivity.

Shopping centres, leading hospitals, best schools and colleges are in close proximity to the project, ensuring that you stay well-connected to social infrastructureand many more leisure and lifestyle hubs.

With Jones Blazia, you don’t have to compromise living in the best of locations while enjoying premium luxury facilities.

  • MindfullyCrafted Apartments

Jones Blazia is truly a project revelation – with airy, masterfully crafted rooms, every apartment here has been designed and devised with the greatest attention to detail. Therefore, you only get the best of everything, which adds up to create an improved lifestyle experience for you.

  • Global Standard Of Living

Experience a globally lavish standard of living at Jones Blazia with an extensive range of premium substructure and recreational amenities.

Enjoy health activities such as jogging in the green landscapes withing the enclave, or go for a rejuvenating workout sesh in the state-of-the-art gymnasium, or take aninvigorating dip into the luxurious swimming pool. With so many possibilities and amenities, you will never run out of things to do at Jones Blazia.

Find Your Perfect Urban Apartments Today

In collaboration with leading banking partners such as ICICI Bank, and financial institutions such asTATA Capital Housing Finance Limited, Jones Blazia exhibits world-class construction, international modelling elements and a variety ofextravagant amenities – all at affordable prices.

Whether you want to shed a few calories at the gym or spend some time with your kids playing games in the recreational court, Jones Foundations has mindfully integrated spaces for all such activities in their properties.

Besides, be itoptions of 2,2.5 &3 BHK apartments, lovely aesthetics, and a safe environment for your family and loved ones, Jones Foundation truly offers an upgraded way of lifefor those with an exquisite taste for the finer things in life.

For further details, contact us!

NBFCs and their Impact on Real Estate in India

One of life’s essential milestones is to own a house that you can call ‘Home.’ Whether or not you already own a house, or live in a rented property, and even as a form of investment – owning a piece of property brings its own sense of security and relief.

However, everyone can’t afford to pay up-front cash in total to purchase a property. So, what saves the day for homebuyers? Yes! You guessed it right – availing home loans.

While banks usually are your go-to option for a getting home loan, in some cases, they might be unable or unwilling to sanction the loan. What then? What viable options are left for you to buy your family home? Enters NBFCs – Non-Banking Financial Companies.

What is A Non-Banking Financial Company?

In simple terms, NBFCs are organizations that offer inventive financial solutions and accessible banking facilities, all without having to meet the legal status/category as that of a bank. Such institutions are listed and registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

NBFCs primary function is to enable banking services such as:

  • Loan advancements (Persona, Home And Auto Loans)
  • Share acquisitions
  • Securities
  • Stocks
  • Debentures
  • Bonds
  • Credit facilities
  • Retirement plans

Indian Economy: The Role of NBFCs

For those who have been excluded by banking institutions, NBFCs cater to their diverse financial needs and provide innovative solutions for backing new endeavours, thus assisting them towards growth.

NBFCs fulfils, or supplements a banking institution’s role in meeting the rising financial demands of the country, especially with the rapidly growing population. Likewise, NBFCs also include providing credit to small businesses and the unorganized sectors.

Although NBFCs do not function as banks, they are still bound to compliant towards the same set of rules and regulations as other banking institutions.

Considering the growing demand for purchasing a property by those with an average income, today, NBFCs have become one of the most critical tools for money lenders – in terms of real estate lending.

Real Estate Development: The Primary role of NBFCs

In India, NBFCs contribute to the real estate sector substantially. Whether be it attracting foreign investments, or increasing capital formation and resource mobilization, NBFCs are an integral tool. With NBFCs, your savings can turn into investments, which leads to more investments in the real estate industry.

The demand levels for real estate is going to be at its peak in the upcoming years. Consequently, property investments have the potential to provide you with much higher returns in the future.

Because NBFCs primary role is to lend financial backing to infrastructural projects, they mostly contribute to the real estate sector. In the last couple of years, infrastructural loans from NBFCs have been sought after l as opposed to the banking institutions.

Thus, NBFCs continue to give loans to borrowers who are looking for housing investments. So, if you too are interested in buying a property, NBFCs make for a better alternative than banks.

NBFCs Impact On Real Estate Investments

With restricted funding from banks that was reduced to 2%, as of March 2018, NBFCs accounted for 61% of commercial real estate borrowing/funding in India.

As stated by sources, there has been a rise in borrowing patterns, which has grown up to 50% in the financial year 2016 – 2018. Due to an increase in the population, there has been a soaring demand for infrastructure such as residential and commercial spaces.

What’s In Store For The Future?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has facilitated multiple steps to improve the security and efficacy of NBFCs in the country. Subsequently, in 2018, the RBI issued the Information Technology Framework (ITF) had been issued for the NBFC – a framework that augments security, protection and efficacy to facilitate improved operations and deliver increased benefits to the consumers.

Undoubtedly, the NBFCs role in sustaining utilizations and capital formation in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) cannot be neglected or disregarded. Therefore, the Government of India has given a single-use, partial credit guarantee for up to 6 months to the public sector banks for buying high-rated assets with a value of INR 1 lakh crore from NBFCs – to deal with the increased pressure that NBFCs have been facing in India due to increased demand.

Remember, if you have a low Cibil score, then NBFCs make for a great alternative to banks. NBFCs might not be termed as banks, but they are just as reliable.

Jones Foundations Realty Projects Are Backed By NBFCs

At Jones Foundation, we take immense pride at what we do. Our objective is to help and support you to find your perfect family home and celebrate it with your loved ones and family.

We also understand that in today’s world, with increased inflation, buying a home might seem like a distant dream. So, we partner with leading financial institutions such as TATA Capital Housing Finance Limited, and ICICI Bank to bring you the best of properties and the ease of buying them.

Explore our popular realty projects – Jones Blazia and Jones Cassia II & III, affordably priced, and best-in-class construction and amenities. For further understanding of our services, contact us!

Luxury Living At Cassia II Township: The Villa Community

If you have been looking for the best family homes in a location that represents perfection, then Cassia II Township by Jones Foundation is the right address for you. Based on luxury design concepts of terraced gardens and elegant villa representations, Cassia II, boasts of wide-open recreational spaces and lush green landscapes.

Jones Cassia III offers you the perfect convergence of urban perspectives and a passion for experiencing the surreal.

Majestic pathways, sylvan backdrops, breath-taking entrance areas and a rare serenity – everything here at Cassia II Township has been finely thought through to offer you a living atmosphere that transcends the ordinary into your abode of dreams.

What’s Special About Jones Cassia II Township?

Investing in a home that’s built by Jones Foundations, the leading luxury developer in Chennai, offers you a seamless blend of the indispensable ingredients that go into the making of a perfect family home— quality construction, world-class amenities and a status that has won the trust of home-buyers across India.

Jones Cassi II Township, which is spread across 3.4 acres of green eco-system offers a one-of-its-kind residential living experience in Ottiyampakkam. To help you find your picture-perfect home, we have listed some reasons why Jones Cassia II Townships tops your list of dream homes:

Lively Community

With thoughtfully-selected amenities, magnificent design aesthetics, exquisitely sculpted landscapes and acres of open spaces, Jones Cassia II Township presents a global lifestyle to its inhabitants, where you can socialize with a friendly and sophisticated community to soak in the best of extravagance.

Being part of a closely-knit community has its own benefits. Owing to the clusters of residential developments inside a township, one gets to experience a superior sense of security, oneness and warmness for being a diverse yet friendly neighbourhood. Even festivities and holidays get a new meaning when you experience them in a lovely, empowering and diverse community.

Ultimate location

Located amidst Chennai’s urban din, the Airport, Velachery Metro station, and International Schools are near the project.

You can stay ensured that you are well-connected to an upscale infrastructure, which includes Business Neighbourhoods, Top Schools, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Huge Malls, Multiplex Theatres, and many such leisure and lifestyle centres.

Value For Money

Jones Foundations believes every family deserves a beautiful home. Our priority is finding you a home where you make priceless memories. But we also ensure that you revel in the joy of affordability when it comes to Jones Cassia II Villas.

Apart from affordable forces, Jones Foundations also help you fund your purchase. Purchasing a beautiful home for your loved ones, is both a dream and one of life’s most significant decisions. For the same, we extend our services to you on every step of the way.

Backed by reputable financial institutions such as Tata Capital, we make sure that living your dream life, in your own house, surrounded by your loved ones is just a few papers away.

Masterfully Constructed Homes

Jones’ Cassia II Township is truly a design revelation, with expansive spaces, and exclusively crafted homes.

Every villa here, at Jones Cassia II Township, has been designed and constructed with ultimate attention to detail. Even the minutest of things in your home adds up to create an enriched standard of living for you.

Canopies Of Green Spaces

Located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Thalambur – a rapidly developing residential area in Chennai, Cassia II Township, with more than three acres of green canopies, brings you seven steps closer to nature. Besides, you still stay connected to the city, like never before.

Luxury Living With World-Class Facilities

offering more and more world-class amenities and international standards in construction

Enjoy luxury living at Jones Cassia II Township, and avail a wide range of premium facilities such as Health Clubs, Jogging Tracks, Tennis Court, Squash Court, Meditation Centres. Didn’t we tell you that that the lists goes on and on?

Bask in the freshness of greenery amidst the acres of landscaped fields, relish in a rejuvenating workout session at the health club, or take a refreshing dip in the luxurious swimming pools. The choice is yours, and fulfilling your requirements is our Jones Foundation.

Explore Cassia II Township – The Luxury Villa Community By Jones Foundation Today and Begin A Chapter Of Your Life, Elegantly!

Here’s How Jones Realty Projects Make For The Perfect Family Homes

The ideally perfect family home – Everybody longs for one, but only a few find it. We’ll let you on a little secret – there’s nothing as such a ready-made home that is perfect.

The perfection of a home is accomplished through several aspects, such as comfort for your loved ones, the luxury of living better, location advantage, the detailing that’s been put into the construction, and the satisfaction of owning your own house.

When you blend all these factors, you get what is usually called ‘The Perfect Family Home.’ And, this is precisely what can be found in the homes crafted by Jones Foundations.

There’s a good reason why realty projects by Jones Foundations are known to bring you the best of family homes. We build homes that offer you and your loved ones with the best possible combination of optimal comfort, excellent location, unrivalled construction quality and absolute transparency of in terms of costs and banking solutions.

Why Jones Foundations Realty Projects Are Worth Exploring?

Jones Foundations aims to fulfil the desires of all your family members, and thus caters to the requirements of all. Be it the youngest or the oldest members of your family, Jones Foundation’s Realty Projects have something to offer to everyone.

The layout, architecture and design team at Jones Foundations plan projects that reflect the style, reputation, and preferences of the family homes that are being constructed. Here’s How Jones Foundations’ Realty Projects Make For The Perfect Family Homes. Read Below.

Presenting Experiences, And Not Just Amenities

A visit to any Jones Realty project and you can immediately notice one thing – There’s a lot of experiences that you can indulge in. Take, Jones Cassia III, for example. With dedicated facilities catering to every age group, Cassia III stands tall as one of the most luxurious townships to live in.

Constructing You A World, And Not Just Homes

Going a step further in delivering convenience to home-buyers, Jones Foundations conceptualize essential modern-day infrastructure for all its projects. For example, Jones Foundations’ offering, Blazia, in Kovilambakkam, have spaces for 24/7 security, is Vaastu compliant, and offers a fully functional gym and children’s play area.

Developing Communities, And Not Selling Homes

With a well-established social infrastructure, Jones Foundations’ offering of realty family homes ensures that you get everything you need, and is always close at hand. When you get a family home from Jones Foundations, you are promised not just a coveted address, but a complete change of lifestyle.

Perfection Through Development

With innovative project planning, we take care of the minutest of things – not only are the exteriors of our projects beautiful, but so are the interiors!

We understand that it is in your own space that you create unforgettable memories, where you share life’s blessings with your loved ones. Enough space for everyone, all rooms are expansively spacious to offer everyone, be it your kids or your parents, they enjoy their own space.

The Whole Lot – From fitting to finishing to quality, we ensure when you find your perfect home – you feel ecstatic. Thus, we put in a lot of efforts to provide superior detailing and after-sale services.

In a nutshell, Family Homes by Jones Foundations makes for your right realty partner. For details on our projects, contact us!